Friday, January 22, 2010

I want this...

This diaper bag sounds pretty freakin' rad. Jade and I have begun checking out diaper bags here and there, and it is HARD to find ones gender-neutral enough for moms and dad to carry. All the manufacturers seem to think that just because babies are cute, everything remotely associated with them also needs to be cute. Not so, manufacturers, not so. Don't compete with the baby's cuteness. Simply fade into the background and do your job. That's where the Kemby bag comes in. It's got all kinds of thoughtfully-designed features to help you keep your shiz organized, PLUS it turns into a hands-free baby sling, PLUS it looks like a saddle bag, especially in brown, so even no-frills moms and dads can carry it with pride.

I know this is of GREAT importance to to the one person who actually reads my blog (Hi, Emily!), but I get an extra entry in this giveaway if I do a blog entry about the contest, so here I am, shamelessly whoring out my blog already. What? Baby stuff is expensive! Don't hate. We are committed to buying used as much as possible for this kid, but I don't think I want a used diaper bag. That just sounds... unsavory.

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