Monday, May 17, 2010

Heart list, wedding attire accessories edition

Okay, so our wedding's already happened. I did not wear any of these accessories. But I put this post together in a moment of pre-wedding accessory obsession. (It was the capelet that set me off.) And I still think they're fun, so I'm posting them! (I will post some wedding photos when we have them!)

PS: I'm totally stealing this idea from the sublime Mrs. French over at Bliss and from You Are My Fave's "Spotted and hearted" feature, so I hope they will forgive me.

I heart this feather capelet. If we were having a different type of wedding I would SO wear it with my dress. The fabulosity would be epic. I wish I had a life where this would ever be otherwise appropriate to wear. You know, like when a magazine comes to photograph me on my dream farm in New Zealand and I go swanning around in a print dress and feather capelet, as if this is always how I look whilst feeding the animals.
Can I justify buying it for dress-up time with the unborn chica? Maybe just have it displayed on a dress form?

I hear these shoes. (They also come in orange and pink and black & white.) They might be exactly the sass I need under my dress. Not sure I'd ever wear them again, though.

And I also love these shoes. I hear you saying that high heels are not practical for a six-months-pregnant gal to walk on grass and gravel and the like. But know what? I don't care. It's my wedding and I'll wear fabulous shoes if I want to (and bring flats.)

Speaking of which, maybe these would fit the bill for practical-yet-still-fabulous? I would definitely wear those again. (That's pretty much the color I had hoped my dress would be. Oh, well. white will be fine.)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New postings!

Coming soon! I have been um, really distracted the last few weeks. What with the wedding and all. BUT... I have about 40 (no, really-- 40) blog posts all lined up and ready to go. Sorry for the technical issues with the lining up pictures and texts in some previous posts-- I'm still figuring out how to format this stuff.
Now, as soon as I can get over the worries about what my random collection of posts will look like to other people (too consumerist? shallow? flaky? self-absorbed?), we'll be off and running!