Friday, February 19, 2010


I had a really bad morning at work. Like, really, really bad.

There's a wonderful list that was published on McSweeney's Internet Tendency entitled "Classes My Top-Tier Law School Should Have Offered as Warnings About the Profession." Here it is:

Cutting and Pasting Legal Lingo

Explaining Business Associations to the People Who Are Running Them

4 A.M. Word Processing and the Law

Ethics of Conspicuous Consumption

Forwarding E-mails: Theory and Practice: Seminar

Arbitrary-Deadline Negotiation Strategies

Crying Quietly: Clinic

Jeans-Friday Advocacy Workshop

Cutting and Pasting II: Plural to Singular

Yeah, that "Crying Quietly" one? That's no joke. (Neither are most of the others, but that's a topic for a different post.) Point being, I actually wept salty tears of anger and frustration in my office this morning while having it out with a colleague. (And after.) Which, I believe, is the first time in the neary 4 years of my legal career I've actually cried about work at work. (Between you and me, I'll admit I've cried about it a home a few times. Maybe more than a few.)
I realize I may be on the verge of committing a Dooce-style crime here, so I will refrain from sharing details, and they don't really matter here anyway. The point is, I felt I was justifiably angry and frustrated, thinking about quitting, and really, really upset. So I emailed my Emergency Squad. DH (that's darling husband) Jade and his sister, my DSIL (darling sister-in-law, sometimes just DS) Abra. And with one phone call and 2 emails, they had me feeling all was right with the world again. Or at least that it was survivable.

Abra gave me some good coping advice: "Smile, nod and plot their ultimate demise." I want to post those words secretly somewhere in my office so I can look at it every time I allow myself to feel alive enough to struggle against this wretched, soul-killing, b-s-filled place.

So today, I am grateful for Jade and Abra. Though they are of course different individuals (and not twins), they are also so much alike. It's like I get to have my best friends in boy and girl form, and how cool is that?


  1. Ugh. Days like that suck. S-uh-uh-uh-ck. I can come kick some ass if you want . . . I used to take kick boxing and everything! Just remember that your super powers of good will over come Evil Colleague's power of, uh, evil.

  2. So I tried to anagram for you... make things a little easier. Sadly there is no word with "SNAPTED". Weird. However better and secretly devious..stupendous. Yes yes let's bring that into rotation.