Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday food lust

It's one of my personal secular holidays-- Ben & Jerry's free cone day! (Awesome ice cream image from here.) I am taking my umbrella and standing in the rain for my cone. Maybe I can talk them into giving me an extra scoop? (For the baby, you know.)

It's not quite 10 AM and I have already planned 4 dinners for this week. And I'm adding the below to the "To make" recipe files. Food-obsessed much? Well, yes. And not ashamed at all.

Milk-braised fennel and Gnocchi alla Romana (which is really baked polenta-- not at all as intimidating as it sounds), from Lottie and Doof via Saveur.

Usually I find Martha Stewart too fussy and fiddly, but a few of the recipes in this month's issue... (Yes, I have a subscription. No, it was a GIFT.) Ahem. Several of the recipes in this month's issue spoke to me and my gaping, grasping hunger. The goddesses of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia have not posted the recipes online yet, but here are facsimiles I found elsewhere:
Zucchini-ribbon "lasagna". Finally, a dinner I can share with the carb-free DH!
Crisp Baked Lemon Cod. I would probably use regular bread crumbs for this, since I don't care about being gluten-free, but its nice to know there are options for my gluten-free friends.
Meyer Lemon Crepe Cake. O.M.G. Yes, please. The link has a picture of this delightful confection and part of the recipe. (The other part looks like it's coming later.) I want this so much. I must not die without eating this.
And finally, Jim Lahey's no-knead whole wheat bread (pane integrale). This guy is the KING of bread, I am convinced of it. His stuff is so easy and so good. I meant to make his original no-knead recipe this weekend but never got to it. That may be a good thing, as it leaves me free to try to whole-wheat version!

The Foggy Bottom Fresh Farm Market opens for the season 2 weeks from tomorrow! (Not that I've got it on my calendar or anything...)

Other food notes...
Awesome young-farmer group the Greenhorns held a vernal-equinox hogget cook off last Saturday. (A hogget is a lamb under a year old that has never been sheared. I never knew that until now, but it made me connect it with the name of the farmer in Babe.) I wished and ached to go, but it was in upstate NY, just a little too far away for a short weekend's drive. I hope someday, in my next phase of life, to have an annual spring equinox lamb-roast tradition, too. (Vicarious enjoyment thanks to Jenna W. here.)
One spring, probably 10 years ago, I was driving through the Lake Champlain islands and stumbled on a vineyard where the owner, and older man from Greece, was roasting a whole lamb on a spit for a party. He let me try a piece. It was incomparably delicious, and I have been smitten with the idea ever since. It seems like a fitting way to mark the change of the seasons and embrace the return of life and growth and warmth.

Happy eating,

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